Captive-ating April Releases

A few new releases at the mainstore for this week!

Dungeon Bed single adDungeon Bed couple ad

The dungeon bed comes in a single or couple version. The single sits from the single version are included in the couple version, so you do NOT need to get both of them to have single sit capability. In addition to the 22 single sits, the couple version also has 22 couple and 32 adult animations.

The beds are materials enabled (as shown in pictures). They are copy/mod and only 2 land impact. Perfect for any dungeon roleplay!

Velour Slave Pillow Ad

Also out this week is the velour slave pillow. Plush velvety material and gold accents make this a very luxe cushion for your prized possession! It comes in 8 bold color options and is only 1 land impact.

There are 18 animations: 8 casual sits/lays and 10 slave poses. Other decor available separately.

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Defending My Work

Well, I guess it happens to everyone at some point, right? I got a message today from another creator saying she had received messages from lots of people alleging I copied her work. I’ve been in this situation before on the other side of things, when well-meaning people contacted me to tell me someone either copied or stole my work. Usually it turns out to be an overreaction, but I appreciate others looking out for creators.

The item in question was the new Riyadh set at Illuminate. Apparently several people told the creator I’d copied her, so she reached out to me to clarify. She was very nice about it, though I think we were both a bit upset by the situation. I was certainly very embarrassed and freaking out a little, because I work very very hard on making my items and I know everyone else does as well. I respect the commitment and care it takes to create mesh.

I am sad. I spent so so many hours working on this set, and it’s probably one of the creations I’m most proud of. I have not been making mesh very long, and my skills finally progressed to where I could make something I’d wanted to do since I started. I don’t know what to say other than I absolutely did not purposefully copy anyone. I’m sure I wouldn’t feel so crappy if I did.

Before I begin a project, I scour online images to find references. In this case, I used Moroccan daybeds and couches for influence. The main references I used for my living room set are from the MoroJestic collection, a Moroccan-styled furniture line. This one and this one are the main ones I looked at, along with this daybed from a separate collection. I used this and this for pillow inspiration, along with any number of ideas that come up searching “Moroccan pillow.” There are a lot more references I used, but you get the idea.

I’m in the middle of making various Moroccan and Arabian-themed buildings and decor, because it is one of my favorite non-fantasy styles. The genre does have a distinctive look, and I think that’s part of where the problem lies. I made the canopy bed below for an upcoming event, and made the pillows so that I could use them on both pieces of furniture to tie them together. I’m sorry the couch looks similar to the other creator’s. I can’t deny that there are similarities, though again I feel a lot of it is due to the distinctive style of the genre.


I feel sad. I can’t say that enough. I feel bad for the other creator too, because she had to go through this as well. It has to be said that she was incredibly nice about everything, and I double checked to make sure she didn’t have a bed like mine to prevent another round of gossip.

I debated even saying anything, because it may well be that only a handful of people had these thoughts and ignoring it would let it dissipate into the SL mists. I think there are so many unscrupulous people around who would indeed copy others and not give a darn. But I’m really horrified this happened.

I do think it’s good to check in with creators if you see something you think they should know about, but also realize that it is entirely possible that it’s a misunderstanding. The other creator said it best after we were done talking: SL is a huge place, but sometimes not big enough. I think that goes double for fantasy and niche creators, where source material has a more limited pool.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope I didn’t come off as flippant or angry anywhere. This kind of thing hurts my heart, and I wanted to take a moment to defend my work.




Fantasy Faire 2018 Is Here!

Everyone knows and loves Fantasy Faire. Not only is it a very fun time with beautiful builds and tons of greats merchants, but it also is part of Relay For Life benefiting the American Cancer Society.

This year, the proceeds will be going to a very specific project, the Kenyatta National Hospital. Please take a moment to read about this special mission here.

The two items being released for Fantasy Faire are 100% donations going towards this awesome cause. Be sure to stop by the Faire and check out what so many designers have made to benefit the cause. You’re sure to find something you love, and know that you’ve done just a little part in helping some people who need it.

Moon Gate Ad

The moon gate comes in gray or brown stone (both included). It’s 3 LI at about 4.75 m tall, but you can certainly make it smaller to decrease land impact and still be able to walk under it. It’s copy/mod and can be used in so many ways!

Moon Oracle Ad

The moon oracle also comes in gray and brown stone (both included). There are ten sit animations in it for all you seers, mystics, and seekers of future knowledge! The glowing waters slowly churn as you peer deep into the depths. Only 2 LI.

The Fantasy Faire opens April 19th!

Lore is on the Severina sim. If you are facing the sponsor booth, head to the right and down the walkway. Just look for the logo and enter a cozy little mini-forest in the middle of all the darkness! – teleport 

Illuminate April!

Lots of awesome stuff for this round! It opens April 18th!

Riyadh Sofa Ad.png

The Riyadh sofa comes with a texture change HUD that has 5 wood colors and 16 fabric colors. You can change the cushion, bolsters, bolster faces, and four sets of pillows independently for superlots (I didn’t do the math) of color combinations!

The sofa seats two individual avs with 20 single sits in each spot, and also has 18 quality cuddles and 15 adult animations. It’s 4 land impact, and copy/mod.

Riyadh Loveseat Ad

The Riyadh loveseat is also availabe. This has all the same color options as the sofa, and even uses the same HUD so that you only need to wear one to change both items if you have them. 🙂 The only difference is that there are three sets of pillows instead of four.

It seats 1 individual avatar with 20 single sits, but also has 18 cuddles. It’s also 4 land impact and copy/mod.

Riyadh Divider Ad

Also available is a matching room divider, that is 2 land impact and copy/mod. There are 5 coordinating wood colors on a menu.

Riyadh Coffee Table

And finally, a delicately carved coffee table. It’s 1 land impact and copy/mod, and also comes in 5 wood colors available on a menu.


The items can be separate or purchased as a full set. They’re available at Illuminate starting April 18th!

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The Secret Affair Releases

Two new releases at The Secret Affair, opening April 5th! The theme is the “days of deities and demons.”

Elemental Stones Ad.png

5 different elemental stones included! Each is 1 land impact at a large size, and copy/mod so you can make clusters of varied size. Specular and normal mapping for added effect under advanced lighting.

Ancient Ritual Site Ad.png

Includes a worn ritual platform with dirty and chipped stone, as well as the ancient waylights. The platform is 3 LI. The waylights that fit the corners of the platform are 1 LI, but I also included large size versions at 3 LI each. Specular and normal mapping for advanced lighting setups.

The Secret Affair opens April 5th!

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Desert Winds Hit We Love RP!

Several new releases for this round of We Love RP, opening on the 4th!

This is the start of a themed series of releases that will consist of many different desert style buildings!

Desert Villa Ad

The desert villa is an elegant home suitable for any desert-themed roleplay! It has a large main room with rustic support beams, and a smaller side bedroom/sitting room on the main level. There is also a small outdoor patio space under a texture change canopy (8 color options). Stairs lead up to a small second floor room with private terrace. There is a ladder to the roof for even more space to use and decorate! All together the build is 21 land impact.

I also included the upper room separated from the build to use as small quarters surrounding the main build if you like. It’s 4 LI by itself, including ladder.

Desert Wall Kit Ad

The desert wall kit is a bold set of building items to create a custom wall or enclosure. There are three types of walls: Plain (with recesses that can be used to hold candles or other items), Bar (with decorative metal bars/windows), and Doorway types that can be used with or without included doors. The stately wooden double doors have metal studded surfaces and sleek ring pulls and are scripted to open in synchrony. The posts have a stylish onion dome topper that gives these walls a lot of character.

Included a sample build so you can see how the pieces fit together. Each piece is 1 LI.

Villa Rug Rich Ad

Villa Rug Pastel Ad

The Villa rugs are the same mesh style as the Galaxis rugs, which quickly became a customer favorite! They’re relatively flat to make it easy to position furniture on top, but still have a few folds and imperfections to give them character. These are only 1 LI at a generous size, and come in two different color packs: rich or pastel. Each pack has 3 pattern options and 8 color options for each pattern, so it’s like 24 rugs in one!


Available starting April 4th at We Love RP!

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