Blogger Applications


Blogging apps are CLOSED for now. You can still send notecards and I’ll hold onto them. I’m just too busy right now and struggling to keep up with everything. If you were previously a blogger, you can also reapply when I open apps again. Thank you for understanding.


I am a very small shop run by a single person with a busy RL, so I don’t do very much advertising or actively seek bloggers to review my items.

I will accept a limited number of dedicated bloggers who want to blog my stuff, as long as you meet the following provisions:

1. Your blog must be older than 6 months. (Exceptions made for exceptional work!)
2. Your blog must show quality pictures, style, and an overall interesting look.
3. You must be actively posting (i.e. not posting once every two months or something).
4. You must have a decent number of readers/followers.
5. You should have an active Flickr, and I’d appreciate posts made to the Lore group.
6. You have to send me the links to your posts once you’ve made them.

If you are interested in blogging, please send a notecard with your name/display name, link to your blog, brief summary of your interest, and anything else you’d like me to know to lalitalamour resident.