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  • The Witch’s House at Ostara’s Altar

    The Witch’s House at Ostara’s Altar

    New for Ostara’s Altar! Now Open! The house has a main room, loft, and two small interior rooms. It’s a perfect cozy getaway for deep in the woods, down by a river, or anywhere! It is copy/mod and 33 land impact.

  • Ruined Houses at WLRP

    Ruined Houses at WLRP

    New for the March round of We Love RP: three different ruined house structures. They purposefully do not have any components that would identify them as strictly modern, so they are appropriate for use in modern, medi-fantasy, post-apoc, and any other environment you can think of! They are available individually or as a fatpack. Available…

  • Merchant Shack & Makeshift Walkways at WLRP

    Merchant Shack & Makeshift Walkways at WLRP

    Two new items at this round of We Love Roleplay! This versatile merchant shack can be used for Medieval, Post-Apoc, or Rural RPs! There’s a small counter for items and a small interior space with an old carpet door. The AO for the front banner is included, so you can make your own if you…

  • Winter’s Hollow & Mainstore Releases

    Winter’s Hollow & Mainstore Releases

      Winter’s Hollow opens tomorrow and I managed to hop in at the last minute to make a few decor thingies for your homes. Winter’s Hollow opens Dec 13 at 1 PM SLT. And also new this week out at the mainstore now: A nice rustic reclaimed wood console to put all your treasures on!…

  • Alternative Christmas Trees

    Alternative Christmas Trees

      A few more random releases for this week while I’m riding the creative wave. Someone asked for low LI Christmas trees so…here’s a few alternative ones. Whether celebrating Christmas or Life Day…you deserve a sci fi tree. 4 LI at about 3 m high and 2 LI at about 2 m high. Preset colors…

  • Back! …With NEW Sci Fi!

    Back! …With NEW Sci Fi!

      Hey everyone, Thanks for all who stuck with me while I wasn’t feeling up to creating things. I’m happy to say I’m feeling better (for now) and took advantage of this energy spike to churn out a WHOLE SLEW of new sci fi stuffs for you! All are out at the mainstore now to…

  • Witchy Goodness at Midsummer Enchantment

    Witchy Goodness at Midsummer Enchantment

    Several new decor items out at Midsummer Enchantment now! And don’t forget to grab the hunt item: Will be going on a bit of an event hiatus for the rest of the summer after this, but will try to put out some small mainstore releases. 🙂 Teleport to Midsummer Enchantment

  • Druid Tables at Driftwood

    Druid Tables at Driftwood

    Out now for the Driftwood fantasy event! Choose from granite or sandstone finish. Each version comes in clean stone and mossy/aged in the package. The chairs contain 18 single sits. Each piece only 1 LI. Copy/mod, materials enabled. Teleport to Driftwood

  • We Love RP June!

    We Love RP June!

    Two new items out for WLRP June round! Includes single pots and groupings. Eight different kinds of pots in two colors. Each piece is only 1 LI but you can link the single pots to lower the LI. Copy/mod, materials enabled. Artisan stall for any market area. Includes a patterned version and plain canvas (can…

  • Beach Hut at Whimsical!

    Beach Hut at Whimsical!

    New for Whimsical, starting May 25! A cute very low LI beach hut perfect for small parcels and roleplay homes! It’s only 12 land impact on its own or 14 land impact with the lights and sign. Windows can each be opened or closed independently. Includes a texture HUD with 12 color options for several…

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