Tag: bridge

  • Fantasy Faire 2019

      Fantasy Faire is here! 2 new releases for charity for the event: Fantasy Faire opens April 18th at 12 pm SLT! Direct TP to the sim where Lore is: Bayounimba

  • Whimsical & Mainstore Releases

      Hey guys! 3 releases for Whimsical and 2 mainstore scifi releases. All 3 garden decor items out at Whimsical starting Feb 18th! Both table versions out at mainstore now!

  • Fantasy Collective March Releases!

    Three new releases for Fantasy Collective, starting March 10 at 12 SLT~ First up is the Hollow Tree Tunnel. It’s only 4 land impact at 9x5x4m, and will allow most avatars (even tall ones) to pass through without any issue. I tested sizing it up to about 12×6.5×5.5m for really huge avatars and it goes…

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