Ostara’s Altar Event

Wheel of the Year Table adPersonal Altar Ad

New releases for the amazing Ostara’s Altar event!

The Personal Altar consists of the altar itself with a color change cloth that has 7 options for you to customize your sacred space. Each altar piece is included separately as well so that you can set up your altar how you prefer, but I also included a linked version set up as it is in the photos. Each piece is 1 LI. There are 4 single sits. The cushion also has 7 color change options to match!

Copy/Mod. Available only at Ostara’s Altar for the duration of the event for 225 L – a 25% discount!

The Wheel of the Year table is carved with the pagan wheel of the year and comes with cushions with 5 sits in them. The cushions have 7 colors to choose from that match the altar colors. I also included a mossy version of the table for that “forgotten” look!

Copy/Mod. Available only at Ostara’s Altar for the duration of the event for 188 L – a 25% discount!


The event runs from March 20-April 16, so stop by to pick up these exclusives!


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Spiritual Art

Twiggy Pentagram mpMoon Phase shelf mpChakra wall art mp

New at Lore: 3 versions of spiritual wall art to spice up your meditation space or home. Each has a removable shadow that you can unlink in case you prefer without. Just some pretty things for a pretty home!

Twiggy Pentagram – 1 LI, 99 L

Moon Phase Shelf – 1 LI, 99 L

Chakra Wall Art – 1 LI each, 125 L (includes both gold and silver colors)

Swing on by the Lore store to pick ’em up!

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Mystic Supplies


New at the [bauble] mainstore: Mystic Supplies

A collection of EIGHT different mystic/metaphysical tools for divining, meditating, and fortune telling!

What you get:
-Goddess Talisman
-Ouija Board
-Crystal Ball
-La Luna Crystal Ball
-Divination Pendulum
-Chakra Pyramid
-Smudge Sticks with realistic scripted smoke

Copy/Mod as always. 100% original mesh.

Each item is 0.5-1 LI at default size. When all 8 are linked together, the LI is 5 total. Please note LI may change with resizing.

Moon Table sold separately.

Available now for 299L.

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Moon Table



New at the [bauble] mainstore: the Moon Table

This beautiful high table is perfect for a display table or altar. I’ve included four different wood versions (ebony, ash, oak, and cherry), and each has a texture change option for the velvet cloth. Choose from 6 different colors for the cloth.

Copy/mod as always, and 100% original mesh.

Only 1 land impact at default size! Available now for 199L.

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