Tag: outdoor

  • Elven Goods at Enchantment!

    The theme for this round was Lord of the Rings, so how could I pass it up? I made four elven-themed items. Enchantment is open now! All available at Enchantment, open now!

  • Icy Decor at WLRP!

    I’m a dummy…I forgot to post this after my computer got fixed. 🙂 These items are currently still out at WLRP! Teleport to WLRP!

  • New For We <3 RP!

    This theater stage is a moderate size for outdoor productions, burlesque shows, slave auctions, and more! The curtains open and close on click, and are Kool door scripted so you can set who has access. There are two rear doors to exit the stage. There is ample room on the front to put your own…

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