Tag: Post-Apoc

  • Ruined Houses at WLRP

    Ruined Houses at WLRP

    New for the March round of We Love RP: three different ruined house structures. They purposefully do not have any components that would identify them as strictly modern, so they are appropriate for use in modern, medi-fantasy, post-apoc, and any other environment you can think of! They are available individually or as a fatpack. Available…

  • Merchant Shack & Makeshift Walkways at WLRP

    Merchant Shack & Makeshift Walkways at WLRP

    Two new items at this round of We Love Roleplay! This versatile merchant shack can be used for Medieval, Post-Apoc, or Rural RPs! There’s a small counter for items and a small interior space with an old carpet door. The AO for the front banner is included, so you can make your own if you…

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