Bauble is now LORE!


Exciting news, everyone! The rebranding of the store is (mostly) finished! I’ve moved to a bigger location with a completely new store for you.

Why did I rebrand? Well, when I started creating, I was just messing around with little things for my friends. Now that I’ve expanded and focused on the store, “Lore” more accurately fits the feel of the store and my style.

I realize that it may be confusing completing the rebranding during an event, but this was the time that worked for me, and I keep getting invited to other events, so there’s not really a “good” time. The items out at Genre currently will still be found under the Bauble name.

There are lots of cool things in store for this year. Don’t forget to join the new group to get access to exclusive group gifts and sales. You can also hit the subscriber in the entry.

I hope you enjoy the new look, and I look forward to all the exciting stuff coming down the line.

❤ Lala.

Teleport to the new Lore store location!





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