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  • Rustic Vanity @ The Fantasy Collective!

      Oh heeey… I thought this opened tomorrow but guess what? It’s open now, May 10th! Includes all decor shown in the picture. Demo out at event! Teleport to the Fantasy Collective  

  • Campsite Gear at We Love RP

    Two new campsite decor items out at WLRP this round! Full size demo is out at the demo site at the event. You can click the signs when you enter to take you down or click the demo sign in my booth. 🙂 Two different stump seats have single sits. Log and bench have single…

  • Fantasy Faire 2019

      Fantasy Faire is here! 2 new releases for charity for the event: Fantasy Faire opens April 18th at 12 pm SLT! Direct TP to the sim where Lore is: Bayounimba

  • New Landscaping Items at Driftwood

    Two new releases for the first round of Driftwood: Full size available to view at demo platform at event. They are a medium size for use in forests/paths, as stands for trees etc, but they do size up relatively nicely. (I made the hole version about 26x21x14 m BIG and it was 16 LI to…

  • Cozy Cottage and Picket Fences for WLRP

    New for this round of We Love RP: A cozy, one room cottage with baked textures and materials. Includes a fireplace and small loft area. Working shutters can close on click, or be removed. Fireplace/chimney and loft can also be removed if you prefer. Everything linked together is 16 LI and it is copy and…

  • Ice and Fire

    New for the Ice and Fire GoT inspired event opening 4/3! Ice and Fire opens at 12 SLT on 4/3.

  • Days of Yore

    Hello! Days of Yore is now open and I’ve made a few things: Teleport to Days of Yore!

  • Ostara’s Altar Releases

    Ostara’s Altar is officially open! Two new items for the event plus a 5 L hunt item. And don’t forget to search for the easter eggs out at the event! The 5 L hunt prize is the Moon String Lights seen below. Each piece is 2 LI. The moons can be changed to any color.…

  • New for March We Love RP!

    New for this month’s RP, two new items coming out March 4th! The oubliette is designed with roleplay in mind! It consists of an aboveground entryway and a dark oubliette interior. There are 2 versions included. The default one uses a teleport system to access the interior, but I also put an in-ground version in…

  • Whimsical & Mainstore Releases

      Hey guys! 3 releases for Whimsical and 2 mainstore scifi releases. All 3 garden decor items out at Whimsical starting Feb 18th! Both table versions out at mainstore now!

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