Animated Peepers and Glowy Fiddleheads at We Love Roleplay!

Brand new for We Love RP, starting March 4th!

Peeper Plant Ad

Peeper Plant Ad khakiPeeper Plant Ad bluePeeper Plant Ad purple

Each base color of Peeper Plant comes with 5 different iris colors for variety and have the following versions included:

-Static closed eye, 1 LI each
-Static open eye, 1 LI each
-Periscope: plant “grows” and leans forward to inspect visitor, 2 LI each
-Leaner: plant leans forward and back, looks to the side, 2 LI each
-Scout: plant opens eye, looks left and right, 2 LI each
-Blinking: plant opens and closes eye, 1 LI each

Static models can be linked together to lower LI, but DO NOT link periscope, leaner, scout, or blinking (animated models) to anything or else the animation will stop working properly.

You can arrange static models around the animated ones and vary heights for a great effect! Tons of options to set up a unique field of peepers. 🙂

Fiddleheads AdFiddlehead fantasy Ad

These stylized fiddleheads have a glowy center that can be adjusted/tinted to your liking. Each set comes with five different versions to make a unique field of fiddleheads, and they are scripted for texture change with six different textures. Choose from regular green tones or wild fantasy colors! Copy and mod so you can adjust size and tint glow.


Available at We Love RP starting March 4th.

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